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Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

MHADA Lottery 2014 : The Mhada housing lottery of 2014 has thrown up repeat winners for the six years in a row. An error in the lottery software has declared at least 25 people win two flats each and one defence family has won five apartments.

After Shiv Sena’s warning to allot more flats to Maharashtrians, the MHADA lottery has been cloosing upto80%-90% Marathi-speaking winners.

The June 25 lottery for 2,600-odd houses made Guleshwar Shah a defence personnel very lucky. There is one flat each for every one in the family. Priya and Pooja—have won flats in Mankhurd, Pratiksha Nagar in Sion and Shailendra Nagar in Dahisar, all in the category reserved for defence personnel. Two of these are on the lower floors while one offers a view of the neighbourhood from the 19th-storey. A fourth woman, Karishma Guleshwar Shah, has won two houses, one in Vinoba Bhave Nagar, Kurla, the other in Virar Bolinj under the defence category. The Virar flat was won in the Konkan lottery this year.

Rekha Pawar won another flat in Kolhekalyan, Santa Cruz, under the defence category.

The privileged segment of MPs, MLAs and MLCs also sees a repeat winner in Shanta Kotecha, who has won a 22nd floor flat in Tunga, Powai, as well as an eight-storey apartment in Santa Cruz. In the physically handicapped segment, Ranbabhau Jadhav is waitlisted for two flats, one in Magathane, Borivli, and one in Mankhurd.

Freedom fighter Kallappa Shete bagged two houses in Magathane and Mankhurd. Ex-serviceman Shahaji Mali is waitlisted in both places and is likely to get lucky once the multiple winners are weeded out. Freedom fighter Parvati Jadhav won in Mankhurd and is waitlisted in Magathane.

Mhada allows applicants to put in as many forms as they like, which increases their chance of multiple wins.

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 | MHADA ( Website | MHADA new website is | Mhada sets up new website for flat applicants

Here’s some good news for a city starved for low-cost housing: MHADA the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) will be making 25000 low cost homes in Vasai, Virar, Kalyan, Ambernath, Badlapur area in next 2/3 years.

The state is short of 32 lakh low cost houses.  If all goes well MHADA is likely to make 25000 low cost houses in next 2/3 years.

MHADA Website : | MHADA new Website | is official website for MHADA Lottery

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 | MHADA (mhada.rog) Website | MHADA new website is | Mhada sets up new website for flat applicants

MHADA The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) has set up an alternative prospective buyers to download application forms for Mhada flats.

The new MHADA website was set up as technical glitches had marred prospective buyers efforts to access,the link to download the forms for two consecutive days till Thursday.

With both mhada websites working smoothly,Mhada on Friday received 26 applications for mhada flats at Mira Road while 86 applications were received for flats in Kurla,Borivli and Sion.

Mhada has invited mhada online applications for the sale of 2,593 flats across the city from May 3 to May 24.Even as the technical glitches were rectified,the minister of state for housing Sachin Ahir said he had sought a detailed inquiry report in the matter from Mhada vicepresident,Satish Gavai.Sources said the technical snag arose as there had been a delay in registering the domain name for the Mhada website.According to the procedure,one has to give 48 hours notice,which did not happen.Apart from this,the anti-hacking software was not compatible and thus did not load.

Mhada,however,has defended its website.Since it is the first day of applications,there is a lot of rush and the website could not take such a huge load, said Vaishali Wagh,public relations officer,Mhada.

With real estate rates at astronomical levels,Mhada houses are in demand as they cost less than half of what private builders charge.This can be gauged from the fact that 12,216 houses for sale in the past four years attracted more than nine lakh applications.

To eliminate errors in filing of application forms experienced in the previous lotteries,two years ago,online filing was made compulsory.I wasted the entire morning to access the website.I hope this does not happen again, said Sunil Apte,a government employee.

This is the second year in a row that a premier agency like Mhada has been unable to beef up its website.I dread to think of the various difficulties I would encounter if I do win a flat, said Aaruni Shah,who works for a film production firm.

Source : The Times of India | MHADA (mhada.rog) Website | MHADA new website is | Mhada sets up new website for flat applicants | Mhada lottery 2011 | Mhada Website crashes on the very first day of MHADA Lottery Online Application

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


MHADA is an apex public body constituted under MHAD ACT 1976, established in 1977 under Housing Department Government of Maharashtra and integrated the activities and functions performed by statutory bodies to provide comprehensive, co-ordinate approach to the problems of housing.

Mhadas flat for High rates

MHADA Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority is trying to sell 172 flats at Kandivli earmarked for the Higher Income Group (HIG) buyers in the lottery to be conducted on May 31.

Mhada is expecting Rs 55 lakh for 1 BHK MHADA flats measuring 476 sq ft carpet area,being constructed on Shimpoli Road in Kandivli (W). The rate fixed by Mhada is unreasonable and contrary to the authoritys own norms, wherein HIG flats admeasure over 700 sq ft carpet area and have two bedrooms.

At Powai,Mhada is quoting over Rs 34 lakh for a 701 sq ft carpet area flat,Rs 42 lakh for a 693 sq ft carpet area flat at Magathane in Borivli and over Rs 32 lakh for a 571 sq ft carpet area flat at Shailendra Nagar in Borivli.

The rate of flats in Kandivli is illogical. Mhada is selling Middle Income Group (MIG) flats admeasuring 437 sq ft at Gaikwad Nagar in Kandivli and Pratiksha Nagar in Sion for around Rs 23 lakh. The rates fixed for Mhada flats are high,but the state government or Mhada have no immediate intention to rework the rates.

There might be a cheaper option to purchase a flat in the open market than go for a Mhada flat in this location.

Mhada Website crashes

With a huge demand for the application forms for Mhadas housing scheme,the Mhada site apparently crashed within hours of going online. The software for the 2011 Mhada lottery has been developed by Mastek.

MHADA Lottery 2011 website –

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Sunday, March 27th, 2011

In the coming few weeks, Mhada will hold a lottery for the sale of over 3,500 under-construction flats. The MHADA 3500 flats will be ready by December 2011/March 2012. The dates for the sale of forms of MHADA lottery of 3500 flats will be announced in the next few days.

MHADA Flats are likely to get more expensive :

Mhada is revising the cost of tenements to be sold in the Mhada lottery . The price tag of a Mhada high-income group (HIG) home in Dahisar with a carpet area of 571 sq ft has shot up from Rs 18 lakh in 2009 to Rs 28.7 lakh in 2011. Also the cost of a Mhada 437-sq-ft middle income group (MIG) flat in Pratiksha Nagar is 25.4 lakh,as opposed to 16.5 lakh in 2008. According to Mhada the cost of construction,land cost and the cost of development of infrastructure have gone up making Mhada flats more expensive this year.

MHADA Lottery 2011 website –

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