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10 Self Help Tips for Computer users | Eyes and Computer | Protect your eyes while using the Computer

COMPUTER AND YOUR EYES | Top 10 basic Computer Users Tips 

1) Remember the 20 -20 rule. After every 20 minutes of Work , look 20 feet away form the computer screen and blink 20 times. Also Take frequent breaks during your working hours

2) Usually eyes blink less while using the computer. So make an effort to blink while working on the computer;try to avoid half-blinks

3)  Avoid contact lense while using the computer,as they tend to worsen the dryness of eyes caused by computer use

4) While using the computer sit approximately 22 to 28 inches away from the computer screen ; sitting too close or too away causes eyestrain

5) The center of the computer screen should be 4-5 inches below your eye level. lt is best to look at your computer in downward gaze. This position will allow the lids to cover most part of the eye and still view normally,with less surface exposure and drying of tear film

6) Make sure your posture is right from time to time to reduce neck, shoulder and wrist pain. Keep your wrist straight while typing and not supported on sharp edges

7) Try to use adjustable chairs .Your legs should always rest on gronud

8) Room lighting should avoide glare and reflections on screen. Preferably use a flat panel monitor sice it doesn’t reflect light. Place light source perpendicularly above the monitor so that they do nat shine in your eyes or on your screen. 

9) Screen top should be tilted 10-20 degrees away.Adjust tilt to eliminate reflections

10) Position your keypad such that your wrists and lower arms are parallel to the floor


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