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Take care of your knees | To Avoid Knee Replacement Follow these simple rules | Bend your knees when you brush your teeth and….

Bend your knees when you brush your teeth and….

 They are falling. And getting hurt.
Two did, not too long ago. In Jaipur.

One in the bathroom. One, I believe, on one of the non existent sidewalks common to most of urban India. Others have fallen, too, family and friends, and broken bones.

Those that fall are getting younger.
Knee replacements are common at 50.
Our world may be too flat, too much asphalt, concrete, carpet. We have forgotten how to balance ourselves when we stumble. Some have B12 deficiency, a problem after 60.

We are not as strong. We sit. Every chance we get. But not on the floor. In the car, at work, on the toilet we sit comfortably. Even at prayer meetings, as was tradition, we sit on chairs, getting up is too difficult for most.

For most, the quadriceps or quads for short, the muscles in the front of our thighs, are weak. The knees wear out. Vit D deficiency may be a problem, more on that another day.

We walk. Sometimes. But walking is not enough to make quads and knees strong. Though it does help balance especially if we walk OFF the sidewalk on uneven ground. Safely.

Momma walked daily all her life, in the park near our ancestral home, till her knees just hurt too much. At 84 she wanted new knees! Papa lived to 92. He loved his garden. Every morning 2 hours on his haunches, hand spading the ground up and down as he moved around. This was his morning till he was 80. His knees strong till he died 12 years later.

For strong quads bend your knees.
Bend your knees when you brush your teeth.
Bend your knees when you shave.
Bend your knees when you stand waiting for the train.
Bend your knees.
As often as you can.
Bend slightly, gorilla like, holding your weight, slightly spreading the legs might help with balance. This will tense your quads, many times a day.

And the quads are our knees. Strong quads save knees. From the surgeon.

As you get stronger quads, in 6 weeks, or 12 if you are older, bend deeper and hold. Comfortably.

Moral of the story, the more you do the more you can do.
Use it or loose it.

Bend your knees in prayer too.

Dr Vinod Seth

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