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IIM CAT Exam | 15 steps to Register Online for IIM CAT Exam on

Here are the steps to be followed while Registering Online ( for IIM CAT Exam from Sept 9th.

1. Registration process for IIM CAT 2009 is completely ONLINE. The IIM CAT Registration Between Sept 9th and Oct 1st 2009, you must log on to to register for the CAT.

2. Once you open this Website ( and as almost all of you will be NEW USERS, You will need to choose “click here” under the question “Are you a new user,” to gain access to the online
registration. Now you are ready to create your Profile.

3. You will enter the following:
a) Name and surname: Enter your name as it appears in the school leaving certificate. You can decide what part of the name should go into the “Surname” and “First Name” fields.
b) Email address: This is where your Candidate Profile email and Admit Card email will be sent.
c) Address: This is where you would like correspondence sent.
d) Phone number: Please enter the entire phone number, including Area Code/STD code in case of a landline number. Mobile number is preferred.

You will also be asked to read and accept the Prometric Data Privacy Policy before proceeding with the application:

Data Privacy Policy
At Prometric, protection of your personal information, and making sure you understand how and why it is processed, …………..
If you choose “I agree” to the Data Privacy Policy, you may then click on the “Next” button to proceed with completing the Candidate Profile.

4. Personal information:
At the top of the application screen, you will be asked to enter your:
- Gender ( Male Female).
- Nationality ( Indian or Other).
- Category ( General Scheduled Caste [SC] Scheduled Tribe [ST]
- Non Creamy Other Backward Classes [NC-OBC]).
- Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy).

5. Choices of all the IIM/Non IIM Programmes to which you are applying. The list of the choices you will see in the online drop-down menu is shown below:
IIM Ahmedabad PGP IIM Calcutta PGP PGDM IIM Kozhikode FPM
IIM Ahmedabad PGP ABM IIM Calcutta PGP PGDCM IIM Lucknow PGP
IIM Ahmedabad FPM IIM Calcutta PGP FPM IIM Lucknow PGP ABM
IIM Bangalore PGP IIM Indore PGP IIM Lucknow FPM
IIM Bangalore PGSEM IIM Indore Ex PGP RGIIM Shillong PGP
IIM Bangalore PGPPM IIM Indore FPM Non-IIM Institutes
IIM Bangalore FPM IIM Kozhikode PGP

6. Work experience:
In this section of the application, you must enter your work experience in months and the sector or sectors in which you have worked. For example,

7. Educational information:
You must choose all educational experiences that apply. When choosing certain experiences, you may be asked to enter additional information such as marks and boards.

8. Interview Centre:
In this section, you should choose the IIMs you want to apply to and also choose one interview city for the respective IIMs.

9. Special Accommodations:
Reasonable testing accommodations are provided to allow candidates with documented disabilities an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Under the Special Accommodation heading, you are asked, “Are you a differently abled (DA) candidate (person with disabilities, PWD)?” If you do not have a disability, you must choose “No” in the drop-down menu under that question. Once you choose “No” in this field, you will be able to continue to complete the candidate profile and scheduling process.
If you do have a disability, and choose “Yes” from the drop-down menu,” you will then need to complete the form.

10. Declaration by Candidate:
In this section, you will be required to choose “I Agree” or “I Disagree” to the declaration shown below:

Declaration by Candidate
I certify that I satisfy the eligibility requirements for CAT and the programme(s) I have applied for and have furnished complete and correct information. I understand that instances of provision of incorrect and/or incomplete information and process violation detected at any stage of the selection process will automatically disqualify me from the selection process and I will not be allowed to appear for CAT in future. Similarly, if such instances go undetected during the current selection process but are detected in subsequent years, such disqualification will take place with retrospective effect. I agree to abide by the IIMs decisions on all matters regarding this application. I agree to sign the declaration regarding anti-ragging and also submit the same signed by my parent/guardian at the time of admission. During the entire selection process, I shall retain a copy of the Advertisement, Voucher, submitted Candidate Profile, and the Admit Card for my ready reference. Any dispute concerning CAT would be subject to Jurisdiction of the Competent Courts within the territorial jurisdiction of City of Ahmedabad only.

After completing this section, you must choose “NEXT” to proceed or “Back” to return to the Create Profile page. Once you choose “NEXT,” you will move to the “Create Login” section.

11. Voucher and Login information:
You must purchase your voucher prior to beginning the online registration process. For more information about purchasing voucher, refer to information on website.

12. Voucher Number:
In the Voucher Number section, you must enter your voucher number and a special set of characters that are displayed on the screen.

13. Create Login
Your “Login” information will include a user ID and a password. In this section, you must create your user ID and password and provide a reminder question and answer. You will use your user ID and password if you need to reschedule your test, request a resend of your candidate profile and request a resend of your Admit card.

The User ID you choose must:
• Be a combination of up to 50 alphanumeric characters.
• Contain no spaces or special characters.
The Password you choose:
• Must be at least 7 but no more than 20 characters long.
• Must contain at least one alpha and one numeric character.
• Cannot be your User ID.
• Cannot contain any spaces.
• Is case sensitive (upper and lower case matters).

You must choose a reminder question and answer to help you remember your User ID and Password should you forget them and then find you need to return to the online scheduling process. Examples of reminder questions are:
What is the name of your first pet?
What is the name of your favorite sports team?
What is your mother’s name?
Note: This is the last screen you need to complete before submitting your application. Please review your data prior to submission. No changes to the application data will be permitted after it is submitted.

14. Submitting your Candidate Profile
After you have completed the Created Login screen and press the Submit button, your Candiate Profile will get submitted. In order to successfully submit the candidate profile, all required information must be complete, your voucher number must be a valid voucher number, and your user ID and password must be valid. If any information is missing or not valid, the system will tell you what is needed and you will be given an opportunity to correct the information. Once the candidate profile has been successfully submitted, a copy of your Candidate Profile will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. Please save and print a copy of the Candidate Profile for your record.

15. Admit Card for IIM CAT Exam
When you receive the email Admit Card, you should read it and verify all information on the card is correct. You should then print a copy. You must bring the Admit Card with you to the test centre on the day of your test. You will not be able to test without the Admit Card. Soon after you fill-in, review, and submit your personal information during online registration, an automated confirmation email, which will contain your Candidate Profile, will be sent to you at the email address provided.

Note: Prospective candidates must maintain a valid email account throughout the selection process.

Note: You are required to take a print out of the Admit Card to bring with you to the test centre.

IIM CAT Online Registration Process will be open between Sep 9th and Oct 1st 2009, you must log on to to register for the CAT.

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