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Annamalai University – Annamalai University Distance Education Admission 2009-2010,

Annamalai University 2009 – 2010 Admission Notification | Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalainagar Admission now open for 2009-2010 | Last Date of Application for Distance Learning Course at Annamalai University is 31st August 2009 | Annamalai University Distance Learning Admission details also available on |

The Annamalai University offers courses in several fields of higher education including Arts, Science, Indian Languages, Engineering and Technology, Education, fine Arts, Agriculture, Medicine, Dentistry etc. Annamalai University has been consistently expanding both in terms of infrastructure and academic programs.

Annamalai University, Annamalainagar has the distinction of providing more than 380 courses under distance learning mode that have substantial recognition all across the world. The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) of Annamalai University aims at offering education to those people who are unable to attend the campus on regular basis for some reasons and have desire to pursue their further studies with keenness. Annamalai University owes its existence to the vision, wisdom, benefaction and philanthropy of Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar. As early as 1920, he founded Sri Meenakshi College at the temple town of Chidambaram. In 1928, the Annamalai University Act was passed by the Madras State (government) with Sri Meenakshi College forming the nucleus of this unitary and residential University. With Annamalai Universitys rural setting and progressive outlook, the seat of this seminary of higher education came to be called Annamalai nagar after its illustrious Founder. Dr.Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar donated to the Madras State (government) a fabulous sum of Rs.20 lakhs and 300 acres of land besides the buildings, hostels, library and playgrounds of Sri Meenakshi College, thus paving the way for establishing, the University by the Madras Presidency in 1929 and the founder was gratefully honoured by the Government with the Pro-Chancellorship of Annamalai University. During his tenure of Pro-Chancellorship for a long period of two decades, he took great care of the Annamalai University and paid devoted attention to its growth and development. Whoever was found an expert in a particular academic field was approached by the Founder and was brought to the University to head the various departments of study. Annamalai University is one of the largest and oldest State Universities in southern India.

List of Correspondence Courses at Annamalai University –

Annamalai University MBA,

Annamalai University MCA,

Annamalai University M.Com,

Annamalai University M.A.,

Annamalai University M.Sc.,

Annamalai University BA,

Annamalai University B.Sc.

Annamalai University BBA,

Annamalai University Law,

Annamalai University Diploma and

Annamalai University PG Diploma Programmes

Annamalai University Distance Education Admission Details for 2009-2010 given below

Annamalai University,
Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalainagar.
(150 Years Service in Higher Education – Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC – University with Potential for Excellence Status by UGC)
Annamalai University Institute of Distance Education
Annamalai University is Recognised by Distance Education Council, New Delhi

Annamalai University Academic Year Admission 2009-2010

I. Annamalai University Preparatory Programme*, Eligibility: 8th failed

II. Annamalai University Pre-Foundation Programme*, Eligibility: 8th Passed or the Completion of Preparatory Programme or 10th failed

III. Annamalai University Foundation Programmes*, i. First year, Eligibility: Pass in 10 year SSLC (new pattern), Pass in Pre-foundation programme/First year of Plus 2 programme/Matriculation (11 year) or an equivalent examination
ii. Annamalai University Second year, Eligibility: Pass in 11 year SSLC/+1 completed/Pre-foundation programme/First year of the Foundation programme/Failed in Pre-University examination/2nd year intermediate examination or an equivalent examination

IV. Annamalai University Under Graduate Programmes, Duration: 3 years, 1. B.A. Tamil, 2. B.A. Functional Tamil, 3. B.A. English, 4. B.A. English and Communication, 5. B.A. Economics*, 6. B.A. Business, Economics*, 7. B.A. History, 8. B.A. History and Heritage Mgt., 9. B.A. Sociology*, 10. B.A. Social Work, 11. B.A. Political Science*, 12. B.A. Public Administration*, 13. B.A. Police Administration*, 14. B.A. Social and Civic Studies*, 15. B.A. Population Studies*, 16. B.A. Human Rights*, 17. B.A. Social Welfare Administration*, 18. B.Com*, 19. B.Com Computer Applications, 20. B.Com Business Studies, 21. B.Com International Business, 22. B.Com Accounting and Finance*, 23. B.Com Marketing Mgt.*, 24. B.Lit (Tamil), 25. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)*, 26. BBA Computer Applications, 27. B.Sc Psychology
Eligibility for Sl. Nos. 1 to 27: A pass in Pre-University/Higher Secondary Examination/Second year foundation programme/Three year Diploma/Two year Diploma in Teacher Education or an equivalent examination. 28. B.Sc. Mathematics, 29. B.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Applications, Eligibility for Sl Nos. 28 & 29: A pass in Pre-University/Higher Secondary Examination/Second year foundation programme/Three year Diploma/Two year Diploma in Teacher Education or an equivalent examination with Mathematics or Statistics as one of the subject. 30. B.Sc. Physics, 31. B.Sc. Electronic Science, Eligibility for Sl No. 30 and 31: A pass in higher Secondary Examination with Physics and Mathematics subjects/three year diploma holder/two year diploma in teacher education or an equivalent examination. 32. B.Sc. Applied Chemistry, Eligibility: A pass in Pre-University/Higher Secondary Examination with Chemistry and Physics subjects/three year diploma/two year diploma in teacher education or an equivalent examination
33. B.Sc. Botany, 34. B.Sc Zoology, Eligibility for Sl No. 33 and 34: A pass in higher secondary examination with biology and chemistry subjects/ three year diploma holder/two year diploma in teacher education or an equivalent examination

V. Annamalai University Post Graduate Programmes
1. M.A. Tamil, Eligibility: Any three year U.G. degree with Tamil under Part-I or Part-III
2. M.A. English, Eligibility: Any degree or an equivalent examination except B.Lit. Tamil
3. M.A. Sociology*, 4. M.A. Economics*, 5. M.A. Business Economics*, 6. M.A. Environmental Economics*, 7. M.A. History*, 8. M.A. History and Heritage Mgt.*, 9. M.A. History and Tourism Mgt.*, 10. M.A. Population Studies*, 11. M.A. Political Science*, 12. M.A. Public Administration*, 13. M.A. International Relations*, 14. M.A. Police Administration*, 15. M.A. Linguistics*, 16. M.A. Translation Studies, 17. M.A. Human Rights*, 18. M.A. Social Welfare Administration*, 19. M.Com Co-operative Mgt.*, 20. M.Com Banking and Insurance Management*, 21. M.Com Education Management, 22. M.L.M. Master of Labour Mgt., Eligibility for Sl. No. 3 to 22: Any Degree or an equivalent examination
23. M.Com*, Eligibility: B.Com/BBA/BA Corporate Secretaryship/BA Cooperation/Bachelor of Bank management/MBA/B.Sc Maths with two commerce subjects including accountancy
24. M.Com Accounting and Finance, Eligibility: B.Com/BBA/BA Corporate Secretaryship/BA Cooperation/Bachelor of Bank Management/MBA Degree Examination
25. M.Com Computer Applications, Eligibility: B.Com/BBA/BA Corporate Secretaryship/BA Cooperation/Bachelor of Bank Management/B.Com CA/BMM/BCA or an equivalent examination
26. M.Com Entrepreneurship, Eligibility: B.Com/BA (Cooperation)/B.Co-operation/BA (Corporate Secretaryship)/BBA/BBM/B.Com (Computer Application)/MBA or an equivalent examination
27. M.Com Marketing, 28. M.A. Rural Management*, 29. M.A. Disaster Management*, 30. M.A. Philosophy, Religion and Culture, Eligibility for Sl Nos. 27 to 30: Refer Prospectus
31. Master of Social Work (MSW), Eligibility: Any Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent examination
32. M.Sc Applied Psychology, Eligibility: Any degree or an equivalent examination. Candidate passed PG degree programme through Open University system is not eligible
33. M.Sc Mathematics, Eligibility: B.Sc Degree with Mathematics as the main subject or an examination of any other university accepted by the Syndicate as an equivalent thereto
34. M.Sc. Physics, 35. M.Sc Zoology, Eligibility for Sl. No. 34 & 35: B.Sc degree in the discipline concerned with any ancillary subject
36. M.Sc. Chemistry, Eligibility: B.Sc Chemistry/Applied Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry
37. M.Sc Botany, Eligibility: B.Sc Botany/B.Sc applied Botany/B.SC Life Science/B.Sc Plant Biology/B.Sc Plant Science and Biotechnology with any ancillary subject
38. M.Sc Electronic Science, 39. M.Sc Geoinformatics, Eligibility for Sl No. 38 & 39: Refer Prospectus

VI. Annamalai University Health Science Programmes
Duration: 2 years, 1. MBA Hospital Management
Master of Health Science in
2. Preventive Cardiology, 3. Medico-legal Practice, 4. Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, 5. Diabetology, 6. Wellness Fitness Science, 7. Physiotherapy, 8. Occupational Therapy, 9. Applied Nutrition, 10. Applied Ergonomics, 11. Adolescent Health and Education, 12. Public Health, Duration: One year
Post Graduate Diploma in, 13. Tobacco Control, 14. Adolescent Health Care, 15. Maternity and Neonatal Care, 16. Medical Cosmetology, 17. Ultrasonagraphy, 18. Family Medicine, 19. Diabetology, 20. Accident and Emergency Care, 21. Echo-Cardiography, 22. Adolescent Health and Education, 23. Acupuncture, 24. Public Health, 25. Medical Law and Ethics, 26. Preventive Cardiology, 27. Medico-legal Practice, 28. Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, 29. Wellness Fitness Science, 30. Physiotherapy, 31. Occupational Therapy, 32. Applied Nutrition, 33. Applied Ergonomics, 34. Medical Transcription, 35. Clinical Research, 36. Medical Records Science, 37. Yoga Therapy
Diploma in, 38. Diabetes Patient Education, 39. Medical Laboratory Technology, 40. Operation Theatre Techniques, 41. Critical Care Nursing, 42. Certificate Programme in ECG Operations, Eligibility for Sl. Nos 1 to 42: Refer Prospectus

VII. Annamalai University Law Programmes
a. Post Graduate Programme, 1. LL.M – 3 years, Eligibility: B.L. or an equivalent examination
Branch I – Contracts including Mercantile Law, Branch II – Labour and Industrial Relations and Administrative Law
b. Degree Programmes, 2. Bachelor of Business Law (BBL) – 3 years, 3. Bachelor of General Law (BGL) – 2 years, 4. Bachelor of Academic Laws (BAL) – 3 years
c. Diploma Programmes, Duration: One year, 5. Diploma in Labour Laws with Administrative Law, 6. Diploma in Law of Taxation
d. PG Diploma Programme, 7. PG Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science – One year, Eligibility for Sl. No. 2 to 7: Refer Prospectus

VIII. Annamalai University PG/Post Diploma and Diploma Programmes, Duration: One year,

(a) Annamalai University Management and Commerce Programmes
PG Diploma in, 1. Business Administration, 2. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, 3. Marketing Management, 4. Financial Management, 5. Tourism Management, 6. Advertising, 7. Public Relations, 8. Software Marketing, 9. Foreign Trade, 10. Entrepreneurship, Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 10: Any degree
11. Banking and Insurance, 12. Finance and Taxation, 13. Advertising and Salesmanship, 14. International Business, 15. Human Resource Management, 16. Retailing, Eligibility for Sl. Nos. 11 to 16: Any Bachelor’s Degree. 17. Co-operative Management*, Eligibility: Refer Prospectus

(b) Annamalai University Engineering and Technology Programmes
Civil and Structural Engineering
PG Diploma in, 18. Design and Construction of Concrete Structures, 19. Water Resources Development and Management, 20. Computer Aided Design of Concrete Structures, 21. Quantity Surveying and Valuation, 22. Environmental Management
Diploma in, 23. Concrete Technology and Design of Concrete Structures, 24. Construction Management, 25. Design of Foundation Systems, 26. Damage Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures, Eligibility for Sl Nos 18 to 26: Refer Prospectus
Mechanical Engineering
Post Diploma in, 27. Automobile Technology, 28. Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
Diploma in, 29. Mining Engineering, 30. Energy Engineering, 31. Automobile Maintenance, 32. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Eligibility for Sl No 27 to 32: Refer Prospectus
Manufacturing Engineering
PG Diploma in, 33. Materials Management, 34. Applied Operations Research
Diploma in, 35. Production Management, 36. Maintenance Engineering and Management, 37. Quality Management, 38. Welding Engineering and Technology, Eligibility for Sl No 33 to 38: Refer Prospectus
Electrical Engineering
PG Diploma in, 39. Electrical Safety and Safety Management, 40. Electrical Energy Management and Energy Audit, Eligibility for Sl Nos 39 & 40: Refer Prospectus
Instrumentation Engineering
PG Diploma in, 41. VLSI Design
Diploma in, 42. Industrial Automation, 43. Drives and Control, 44. Embedded Systems and Applications, Eligibility for Sl Nos 41 to 44: Refer Prospectus
Chemical Engineering
Diploma in, 45. Chemical Process Instrumentation and Control, 46. Industrial Safety, 47. Industrial Pollution and control, 48. Industrial Hygiene, 49. Petroleum Refining Engineering, 50. Industrial Biotechnology, 51. Food Preservation Technology, 52. Food and Nutrition, 53. Industrial Project Engineering, 54. Quality Control and Analysis of Industrial Chemicals, Eligibility for Sl No 45 to 54: Refer Prospectus

(c) Annamalai University Agriculture Programmes
PG Diploma in, 55. Dairy Technology, 56. Agricultural Marketing Mgt., 57. Plant Protection, 58. Ornamental and Landscape Gardening, Eligibility for Sl Nos. 55 to 58: Refer Prospectus
59. Systems Management in Natural Farming, 60. Intellectual Property Rights, Eligibility for Sl No 59 & 60: Any Degree Diploma in, 61. Horticultural Nursery Mgt., 62. Biopesticides Technology and Biofertilizer Production, 63. Coastal Agriculture, Eligibility for Sl No 61 to 63: A pass in H.Sc
64. Poultry Management, Eligibility: Refer Prospectus 65. Commercial Floriculture*, 66. Agri Business Management*, 67. Livestock Products Technology*, 68. Urban Pest Management, 69. Post Harvest Technology and Processing of Horticultural Produce, 70. Commercial Entomology, Eligibility for Sl No 65 to 70: A pass in X standard

(d) Annamalai University Education Programmes
PG Diploma in, 71. Educational Administration and Supervision, 72. Instructional Technology, 73. Parental Education, 74. Adult and Continuing Education, Eligibility for Sl No 71 to 74: Any Bachelor’s Degree
Diploma in, 75. Special Olympic, 76. Fitness Management, Eligibility for Sl Nos 75 & 76: Refer Prospectus

(e) Annamalai University Marine Biology Programmes
PG Diploma in, 77. Marine Environmental Pollution and Management, 78. Aquaculture Management, 79. Marine Microbial Technology, Eligibility for Sl Nos 77 to 79: Refer Prospectus

(f) Annamalai University Earth Science Programmes
PG Diploma in, 80. Natural Resources, 81. Petroleum Exploration, Eligibility for Sl No 80 & 81: Any UG/PG in Science/Engg/Agri
82. Mineral Exploration and Mining, 83. Ground Water Exploration and Management, Eligibility for Sl Nos 82 & 83: Refer Prospectus

(g) Annamalai University Pharmacy Programmes
PG Diploma in, 84. Promoting Rational Drug Use, 85. Pharmacy Practice and Drug Store Management, Eligibility for Sl Nos. 84 & 85: Refer Prospectus

(h) Annamalai University Other Programmes
PG Diploma in, 86. Electronic and Instrumentation, 87. Guidance and Counseling, 88. Hospital Management, 89. Sociology of Health, 90. English Language Teaching, 91. Natural Language Processing, 92. Waste Management, 93. NGO Management, 94. Software Based Statistical Analysis, 95. Actuarial statistics, 96. Herbal Science, Eligibility for Sl Nos 86 to 96: Refer Prospectus
Diploma in, 97. Tamil Journalism (Tamil Medium), 98. English Journalism, 99. Folklore (Tamil Medium), 100. Mass Communication, 101. Accounting and Finance, 102. Human Rights*, 103. Social Welfare Administration*, 104. Police Administration*, 105. Public Administration*, 106. Saiva Siddhantha*, 107. Self Help Group Management*, 108. Population and Health Mgt., 109. Fresh Water Fish Culture*, Eligibility for Sl Nos 97 to 109: Refer Prospectus

IX. Annamalai University Library Science Programmes
Duration: One year, 1. Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), Eligibility: Bachelor of Library Science/BLIS
2. Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS), Eligibility: Any degree
3. Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science (CLIS)*, Eligibility: A pass in 10th standard

X. Annamalai University Yoga Programmes
1. M.Sc. Yoga – 2 years, 2. M.Sc. Yoga – Lateral Entry – 1 year, 3. PG Diploma in Yoga – 1 year, 4. Diploma in Yoga* – 1 year, Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 4: Refer prospectus

XI. Annamalai University Music and Dance Programmes
Duration: 2 years, 1. M.Music – Vocal, Veena, Violin and Flute (Medium: Tamil), 2. M.Dance* – Duration: 3 years, 3. B.Music – Vocal, Veena, Violin, Flute and Mirudangam (Medium: Tamil), 4. B.Dance* – Duration: 4 years (Medium: Tamil)
Diploma in, 5. Title of Isaikalaimani – Vocal, Veena, Violin, Mridangam and Flute, 6. Title of Nattiyakalaimani – Duration: 2 years (Medium: Tamil), 7. Certificate Programme in Vocal, Veena, Violin and Dance, 8. Preparatory Programme in Music* – 1 year, 10. Foundation Programme in Music* – 2 years, Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 10: Refer Prospectus

XII. Annamalai University Certificate Programmes
Duration: One year, 1. Office Management*, 2. Offset Machine Printing*, 3. Binding and Finishing*, 4. Soil Ecology, Earthworms Culture and Composting*, 5. Spoken English, 6. Automobile Technology*, 7. Food and Nutrition, 8. Safety in construction Practices, 9. Bar Bending Practices, 10. Plumbing (Water Supply and Sanitory Installations), Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 10: Refer Prospectus

XIII. Annamalai University MBA Programmes
Duration: 2 years, 1. MBA*, 2. MBA e-business, 3. MBA International Business, 4. MBA Human Resource Mgt., 5. MBA Marketing Management, 6. MBA Financial Management, Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 6: Any Degree

Cost of Application Form: MBA and Health Science Programmes – In person Rs. 250/-, By post Rs. 290/-, All other Programmes – In person Rs 75/-, By post – Rs. 100/-
(*Offered in English & Tamil Medium)

Annamalai University Application form and prospectus can be had from The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar-608002 on requisition along with a crossed DD drawn in favour of The Director, DDE Annamalai University on any bank payable at  Annamalainagar /Chidambaram /Chennai, mentioning clearly the name of the programme for which the application form is required and a self-addressed cover of size 28 cm x 22 cm. Cheques, Money/Postal/Pay orders are not accepted. DD should have been purchased on or after 20.04.2009

Annamalai University Applications can also be had in person on cash payment from the Directorate of Distance Education, the study centres and information centres of the Directorate. All the Study Centres will remain open on all days except Tuesdays and II Monday and all Public holidays.

Annamalai University Spot Selection for admission: Spot selection for admission to all Programmes except all Health Sciences Programmes will be made at the Directorate of Distance Education and the following Study Centres of the Directorate. The applicants submit their applications along with the necessaryoriginal certificate, (Original Certificates will be returned immediately after verification) One set of Xerox copy of certificates, DD for the prescribed fee and three copies of their recent photographs of 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm size. The Spot Selection is provisional and subject to confirmation by the Director.

Annamalai University Admission through post: Filled in applications for Annamalai University along with Xerox Copies of Certificates for admission through post should be sent only to The Director, DDE, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu, Pin-608002.

In no case, filled in applications should be sent to the study centres. All correspondences should be addressed to the Director only.
3% of seats reserved for persons with disabilities

Last date for issue and receipt of filled-in applications for Annamalai University Distance Education Programme : 31.08.2009

In Mumbai you can get more details about Annamalai University Distance Education Programme from 022-67550339. Students interested in Annamalai University Distance Education should log on to the Annamalai University website for further details.

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