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Tata second career – Tata introduces, Tata Second Career option for women

Tata second career – Tata launches Second Career option for women -The Tata Group has launched the Tata Second Career Internship Program (SCIP) – for women to take on a second career, Tata second career option. On the very first day of Tata second career launch, the portal has got great response and resumes too.

Tata second career SCIP aims to tap the huge talent and capability among women professionals who have discontinued work due to various personal reasons. The Tata second career -option will provide live business projects involving about 500 hours of work, spread across 5 to 6 months on a flexi-time basis. Tata second career – projects will be initially offered only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

About Tata second career SCIP

  • Begun in June 2008, Tata second career SCIP is a career transition management programme for professionals
  • Tata SCIP is not a job. It is an intermediary programme aimed at developing alternative talent pools in traditional/non-traditional formats and facilitating career transitions
  • Tata SCIP II, once again focuses on women professionals who have taken a career break but offers an extended opportunity in terms of professional categories
  • Tata Group companies provide live business projects covering approx 500 hours engagement spread over 6 months on a flexi time basis
  • There is no placement guarantee at the end of the project. However, the women professionals have the option of exploring full-time employment on mutually acceptable terms with the respective Group Company
  • SCIP projects are allotted based on the area of expertise of the applicant, following a rigorous
    selection process that is completed in 60 days
  • The project remuneration will be 4 Lakhs for 500 hours, divided into monthly payouts
    (taxes as applicable)
  • Flexi time delivery with defined core hours on-site
  • Induction & training programme conducted by Tata Management Training Centre
  • Appointment of individual Mentor-Guide
  • HR helpline during the programmeDesired profile :

Tata second career Desired Profile : Currently the Second Career Initiative is for women professionals who have worked for a minimum of four continuous years in any of the domain areas listed below, prior to taking a career break of 1-8 years.

Tata second career Domain Areas
a. Marketing h. Engineering
b. Sales i. IT
c. Advertising / Communications j. Corporate Planning
d. Human Resource Management k. Hospitality
e. Finance / Accounting l. Retail
f. Legal m. CSR
g. Manufacturing n. Other Corporate Functions
Tata second career - Criteria 1 – Qualification:
All women professionals with professional, post graduation or equivalent technical qualifications in any of the above mentioned domain areas with atleast four years continuous working experience.

Tata second career- Criteria 2 – Current Residence:
SCIP II is available only to women professionals residing in Mumbai and Bengaluru region.

Tata second career - Criteria 3 – Work Experience:
Currently, SCIP is available only to women who have a work experience of four continuous years or more in the specified domain areas.

Tata second career - Criteria 4 – Career Break:
SCIP II is open to women professionals who have taken a continuous career break of 1-8 years and have not functioned in a remunerative capacity during that time.
Tata Group reserves the right to revise / relax the above criteria

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