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Recession time means the Great Depression!

In these greatly uncertain times, it’s usually important to stay away from negative thoughts. Although there is nothing much to feel happy about, it certainly is a sign of maturity and strength to keep smiling. I think the people and situations around are all meant to test our beliefs and cognitions, but it doesn’t help to view all professional and personal situations as war-like situations. But the reality might be that they are!! So, how do you look at situations that drain you of all your positivism? Firstly, it’s important that you have good friends around. Secondly, you could goad your family into changing their behavior or ideas about you. For instance, in my family I am the only liberal person around, the rest are all conservative, but it does help to listen and understand their side of the story as well. But you might never be convinced nor might you appreciate their way of thought, nevertheless, it is important to let them know how you feel, but not change the core values that you believe in.  

I think being slightly spiritual and religious also might help. Or you could turn towards some social work, or seek to solve the many problems that surround you. If you pray, you must be careful not to step into a negative frame of mind and assign everything to destiny! You could take a short trip around your city or someplace close and create a video and post it on Youtube if you have a creative bent of mind. As we grow older, our thoughts and desires generally start blocking the consciousness that shines from within and we should stop that. No matter what the circumstances, you have to be helpful, kind, jovial and even retain your sense of humour. The best sign of being spiritual or religious is happiness. So, if you’re going to a temple to cry your heart out or turning to God for fear of death or bankruptcy, then you better change your tracks. No matter how hard the path, it is important to keep your spirit alive and conscious to the happenings around you.  

Remember at all times that even the most negative of all forces, including those that are jealous, revengeful, evil, lusty, greedy are all just manifestations of the same energy but in a negative way. You don’t have to shun these people, but at the same time don’t let them turn you into one negative piece of being. If you continue to shine across as confident, happy, contented, resourceful even the worst threat to you will shrink away. The strongest and best people are often the ones who are the moist challenged, so take it up as a challenge to face and emerge victorious!! And lastly, do remember, that nothing lasts forever, not even bad times!!!

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